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Fresh Shrimp

Fresh Catch on the Island

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Fresh, local seafood is on the menu year-round in Emerald Isle!  Catch it yourself, or purchase it from one of the local seafood markets on and around the island.


Many popular gamefish can be caught off the beach, from Bogue Inlet Pier, in Bogue Sound and offshore, depending upon the species.  Some of the most common fish include redfish, trout, flounder, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, dolphin, black drum, sea mullet, bluefish and pompano.

All year-round, something is in season!  Below is the link to North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (NC DMF), which lists size and bag limits.

Don't forget that you'll likely need a fishing license if you are 16 years old or older.  10-day licenses are only $5 for NC residents, or $10 for out-of-state visitors (subject to change).  Buy your license here:

These are some of our personal catches - doormat flounder and king mackerel. The cutting board is about 22 inches, for reference!

Doormat flounder
Steamed blue crabs

Clams, oysters, blue crabs and shrimp abound in Bogue Sound.  A quick boat ride, or kayak paddle, over to the intracoastal islands will provide abundant opportunities to dig for clams and harvest oysters.  Clams can be harvested year-round; oyster seasons vary, but may be closed May-September.


Crabs can be caught with a dip-net and chicken parts if you don't have traps. May-October is peak crab time.  Shrimp can be caught with a castnet June-September.  The shrimp get bigger by the month.  Throw on the outgoing tide, near grass flats, for the best returns. 


The pictures show some of our personal shellfish catches!

Check here for shellfish bag limits and open seasons.

Creeks in Bogue Sound are usually permanently closed to shellfishing.  Plan to go to the intracoastal islands, or along the main sound coast, for your adventure.  After a heavy rain, proclamations may temporarily close shellfishing for safety against runoff pollutants.  Check to be sure that the area you want to shellfish in is not closed.  For your reference, Sea Star is in Carteret County.

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